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Planning Your Wedding in Jervis Bay

By June 15, 2019 November 27th, 2020 No Comments
planning your wedding

Planning Your Wedding In Jervis Bay

Your wedding is one of your biggest life events. It ranks right up there with graduating high school or university, buying a house and having kids. To make sure you have a wedding Jervis Bay will never forget, here are some helpful tips to keep things running smoothly while planning your wedding.

But first…

Congratulations on the engagement. Seriously. Getting engaged is a big deal, and it is genuinely amazing to see people brought together. We hope you bring each other a lifetime of happiness and friendship.

Now we’ll get back to the tips!

Keep the checklist simple when planning your wedding

There are a million things to potentially stress out over when it comes to planning a wedding. That is why it is essential to keep things simple. The fewer items on your checklist, the fewer concerns you will have when it comes time to walk down the aisle. Let’s review the items you should cover to have the best wedding Jervis Bay has ever seen.

  1. Budget

    – Great weddings start with excellent planning. And excellent planning starts with a budget. It is not the most exciting part of the process, but it is the most essential.

    Setting a budget allows you to develop everything around the amount you set. That way, you can decide early on whether or not you are going to have
    a wedding planner, a photographer, an open bar or a destination wedding. Budgeting also makes you and your significant other consider all possible expenses before ever spending a dime.

    There are a couple of major factors for planning your budget. These include, but are not limited to, the size of the guest list, the venue of the wedding, the date of the ceremony and the theme. By exploring these factors, you will be able to allocate funds to the most essential causes.

  2. Create a Vision

    – Are you having a wedding on the beach? Do you want a three-course meal with hors d’ oeuvres while an eight-piece band plays softly in the background? Or do you want to simply go to the city government and have a small reception afterwards?

    There is no right or wrong way to plan your wedding, but having an idea of what you want your big day to look like is important. Your vision is what will determine everything from your venue to your food. Don’t hesitate to go back to your budget to see what ideas are possible and which are not for your vision.

  3. Make a Guest List

    – Start with a rough list of potential guests. Take a couple of days to mull over your list with your partner and determine the number of people that best works for your budget. Because some venues have limits to the number of guests, determining your guest list ahead of time will make picking a venue easier.

  4. Find a Venue

    – Research is everything here. There is no point in picking out suppliers and themes if you don’t already have a venue. Once you have a venue, you can build your wedding around it.

    For instance, knowing the size and location of your venue will allow you to determine which wedding services and catering options to pick.
    Remember to stick to your budget and be flexible when it comes to ticking all the boxes.If you are tying the knot on the South Coast, there are a wealth of venues to choose from. The Woods Farm near Jervis Bay is a luxurious option with a rustic day spa, French-inspired gardens and a 200-person capacity. The Bushbank Bank Wedding Venue is also popular, featuring gorgeous views of the coastline and ocean.

  5. Develop a Schedule

    – Once all the details are set, it’s time to make the schedule. This ensures each moment at your wedding is perfectly choreographed. If you need help determining what should be where and when and for how long, here is a template you can use as a starting point.

Find wedding services in Jervis bay

Now that you have planned out all the major details, it’s time to focus on the nitty-gritty: the celebrants, the hair stylists, the music, the makeup and the photographer. Fortunately, Jervis Bay Tourism has made this part of the event hire process easy with this handy list of local wedding services.

In addition to having all your wedding services in one place, you will also find a fantastic list of local attractions and activities. That way, out-of-towners will have something to do before and after the festivities. That said, just pointing people in the direction of the nearest beach will probably be good enough too.

planning your wedding

Catering services available from Jervis Bay Meat Co.

Food should be simple. But in a world of allergies, diets and picky eaters, planning what you are going to eat can be a headache. Fortunately, the team at Jervis Bay Meat Co. has you covered.

Since our inception, we have made catering easy and delicious. We pride ourselves on offering locally sourced, free range and grass-fed meats, so you can rest assured knowing you are getting the highest quality products possible. We offer a large variety of different packages featuring everything from pork to poultry and hot roasted meals to ensure each guest gets exactly what they love.

Plus, we have roasted veggies and salads available for vegetarian and vegan guests. It is this dedication to our customers that has people coming back time and time again. Experience the Jervis Bay Meat Co. difference today.

Planning your wedding services in advance

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