Top Jervis Bay Butcher for Free-Range, Locally Sourced Products

Jervis Bay Meat Company is your premier provider of free-range meats and associated locally sourced produce. Conveniently situated in Vincentia, we welcome you to our butcher in Jervis Bay as well as inviting you to shop with us online. 

We are proud of our ongoing commitment to excellence in all areas, from providing exceptional local meats (that are free-range wherever possible) to consistently delivering outstanding customer service.

Product Cabinet - Free-Range Meats
Chicken on grass - Free-range meats and poultry.

What Does Free Range Mean?

Free-range meats (and eggs) are produced from farm animals and birds that are kept in the most natural setting possible. This means that they are, during their lifetime, given the independence to roam free outdoors in paddocks with plenty of fresh air, space, and natural grass under their feet. They live outdoors (with appropriate shelter), are cage-free, and are never kept in a factory-farming environment. They are also protected from harm from predators and other potential risk factors.

Feeding through free-range farming is also better. For cattle, for example, means they are grass-fed rather than given less nutritious commercial grain-based feed products. 

Free-range farming leads to animals that can express natural behaviours and are happier and more relaxed during their lifetime. 

Meat that is produced through free-range farming practices is:

  • More nutritious with a higher protein content
  • Less fatty
  • More tender
  • Tastes better
  • More ethically produced
  • More environmentally friendly

Why Shop Locally Sourced Products?

Choosing to purchase locally sourced meats actively supports local farmers and your local economy. Purchasing meat, eggs, honey, and other food products that have been produced by local farmers is also a much more environmentally sustainable alternative. 

  • Buying local meats helps reduce carbon emissions from transporting products to your door.
  • Buying locally sourced meats and other products keeps your dollars in your local community, supporting your economy and your local farmers. 
  • Local meats are healthier – when you shop with our Jervis Bay butcher, you know where your meat comes from, how it’s raised, and that is, as much as possible, preservative, antibiotic, and hormone-free. The animals that produce the meat are treated with respect and care and given the happiest lives possible.
  • Local meat is fresher – the time from farm to your plate is greatly minimised when you buy from local farmers.
  • Local meats are more budget-friendly – costs are minimised because you are not paying for long-distance shipping, nor is your meat passing through a series of retailers or wholesalers to get to you.
  • Local, sustainably produced food is of higher quality and tastes better than industrially-farmed produce.
Jervis Bay Butcher - Steve in front of store.

Choose Jervis Bay Meats

We are a leading Jervis Bay butcher selling you and your family superior-quality products from the very best local suppliers in our region. 

Our offerings include but are not limited to:

  • Local Free-Range Grass-Fed Beef
  • Quality Local Pork & Lamb
  • Antibiotic- & Hormone-Free Poultry
  • Freshly Made In-Store Sausages
  • Kangaroo Valley Pasture-Raised Eggs
  • Locally Produced Honey
  • Gourmet Condiments

Shop With Us Now

We offer a wide variety of convenient, budget-friendly meat package options for online purchase, including BBQ packs, combo packs, and custom packs to meet your family’s needs. Alternatively, give us a call or visit us in-store to see our complete daily fresh range of meats and other butchery products.

Placing your order with us is easy! Simply call into our shop, give us a call, or enquire online to discuss your requirements.